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AL RAYHAN (free shipment)

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This fragrance is like a bird of paradise, which crouching on the edge of the branches of bushes, and fascinating for its beauty. It is believed that the paradise is a shady gardens filled with cool. The magic place where acacia and lotuses are blooming and the air is filled with the smell of luxury perfume and expensive musk. There the rivers are flowing with milk and honey, and figs and fig trees are growing ripe. This fragrance is sweet like singing of the mysterious houris. Al Rayhan is like a heavenly journey. At first you’ll taste the wonderful smell of vanilla, then the light bitterness of lime zest will give you heavenly bliss. The stunning beauty of flower bouquet captivate you with its magical attraction. A cloud of white musk and powder slowly envelops you and carries away to dreamland.

Price: $200.00

Top note

oriental sweets, white flowers, mango

Heart note

tangerine, praline, white rose, jasmine, violet

Base note

white musk, locum, exotic fruits


Hand engraving