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This fragrance blurs the line between the reality and the dream! In the Middle East the life begins in the sunset! When the heat of the day falls off and the sky is illuminated by millions of stars, the nightlife in Dubai is stirring!Drowing in the array of lights, the shine of skyscrapes and the music of fountains the city imrpesses with its luxury and great variety! Inspired by the atmosphere of this unique night megapolis perfumer Luz Vaquero created the splendid oriental blend Azalea!
The fragrance starts with juicy floral notes of ylang-ylang and sensual orchid. It is filled with bright colors! The marzipan notes and vanilla extract give a seductive gourmet accent, leaving an enveloping and long-lasting trace.The ultimate soft notes are gently wrapping you with scents of sunny sandalwood, myrrh and sensuous white musk!


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Top note

orchid, ylang-ylang, sweet citron zest

Heart note

rose, vanilla, marzipan, heliotrope

Base note

sandalwood, myrrh, white musk


100 ML