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Blue crystal -have you ever enjoyed the charm of the night looking at the starry sky? If you look attentively you can see very beautiful constellation called ”Argo”. According to the legend it named after the famous ship. Malik-Shah – The Great Caliph of Baghdad – decided to built a magnificent ship for his beloved concubines. The construction of the boat was decorated with blue enamel, gold and precious stones. When the ship entered the port the fragrance of flowers spread around the city. The concubines were fascinated by such amazing gift. Sultan also gave to each concubine beautiful bottle with expensive perfume, which cost thousands of gold dinars.
The top notes of Blue Crystal open with fresh citrus accord, in which most clearly sounded notes of orange blossom and bergamot leaves, in the heart of the fragrance you will find wonderful oriental flowers such as tender rose, white magnolia and pink jasmine. The base of perfume is rich with wood accords.
Blue Crystal is a perfect fragrance for romantic evening.

Price: $100.00


Hand crafted engraved bottle with crystal cap in metal base

Top note

Citrus, orange, bergamot leaves

Heart note

gulf flowers, damask rose, pink jasmine, magnolia

Base note

white musk, wood notes