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Crystal Love for Him (new)

Crystal Love for Him – a majestic and mysterious blend, the real olfactory adventure. His lyrical hero is charismatic and outstanding, he excites imagination and heart. Crystal Love for Him is a real challenge to classic fragrances. Perfumers created a completely new and unusual composition. It is beyond the traditional perception of arabian fragrances. The scent bases on soft ambergris and velvet leather notes which immediately add volume and emphasize the oriental character of perfume. The daring white musk and juicy cherries dominate in the heart notes. The antypical for mens fragrances note of ice cream smooths out the saturated base. So the scent sounds fresh and modern! The combination of Moroccan orange and sweet vanilla in the top notes creates mysterious and charming aura.


Price: $155.00

Top note

bergamot, moroccan orange, citrus

Heart note

cinnamon, rose, ice cream

Base note

ambergris, patchouli, leather


Black bottle with silver foiling