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Very unusual unisex oil perfume called Indigo. The soul of fragrance is raw white musk – deep cool and daring! This component is very rare and expensive it makes fragrance longlasting and special. Also perfumer added high quality ambergris and patchouli. It makes perfume rich and oriental.
The original feature of this fragrance is different on male and female skin. On male skin Indigo sounds brutal and brave, female skin opens soft and pleasant notes. The top notes of green apple, lavander, cardamom and white peper involve you in magic world of arabian perfume. Indigo meens extraordinary perfume for those of people who are not afraid to experiment wih fragrance and like to try something new .

Top note

fruits, green apple, white Pepper, lavender, cardamom

Heart note

cedar, cedar wood

Base note

amber, patchouli


Handcrafted engraving crystal bottle in the luxury wooden gift box


10 ml (CPO)