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The Persian Gold (free shipment)

37353411 – ruins of the ancient city persepolis in irangold243555975 – gold shining paint stain hand drawn illustration

This is the golden age of the heyday of the Persian empire. A pattern of taste and luxury was the palace of the greatest King Darius – Persepolis – everything in that palace was decorated with gold, everywhere there was an expensive brocade, the air was enveloped in the delicate fragrance of incense. The king’s favorite wife – young Artastun was an extraordinary beauty – she wore light organza tunic and the finest flax. She was caressing her hair with vanilla and patchouli. She surrounded herself with flowers, and sweet incenses were always lit in her apartments. Her majestic figure conquered the heart of the king so much! In her honor Darius ordered to sculpt a statue of pure gold. Darius The Great compared hisbeloved wife with a goddess. Artastun became the ideal of beauty and a symbol of femininity. A clay tablet with a recipe of her favorite fragrance has been survived, and after many centuries perfumers reproduced this divine fragrance – the golden heritage of Ancient Persia is now stored in a wonderful golden bottle! The fragrance starts from warm sweet vanilla notes, than transforms and opens accords of soft patchouli with tender roses and powder. This fragrance became an olfactory revelation of the year! You’ll discover the whole shades of the Middle East!

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Top note

tea-rose, powder notes

Heart note

caramel, pink syrup, sweets

Base note

patchouli, vanilla extrait, muscat


Hand engraving