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Rosa Galore


Top Notes: Damask Rose, Currant, Violet
Heart Notes: Caramel, Lily of the Valley, Lebanese Cedar
Base Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Musk
Volume: 100ml

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rosa galore perfume attar collection

Since childhood the art of Middle Eastern perfumery attracted Jordi Fernandez and eventually became his real passion! The Arabian Peninsula had a great influence on his olfactory taste. By visiting places, meeting people, and getting involved in the local culture, he discovers a wealth of perfume ideas.

He achieved success on the Middle East and became one of the most famous perfumer. His fragrances reflect oriental luxury and modern perfumery trends. His new masterpiece Jordi decided to represent with gorgeous bouquet of delicate roses – Rose Galore! This amazing divine scent is a true abundance of roses!

The fragrance starts with tender notes of the most gentle vanilla grown under the scorching Madagascar sun! Then the pure white muck covers the Moroccan rose, like a bride with soft veil, turning her into a mysterious and exquisite flower. The sweet heart of fragrance is permeated with caramel and vibrating notes of Lebanese cedar and Lily of the valley.

The final chord of perfumery composition opens with duet of Damask rose and charming violet, enhanced by tart currant, which is completing the olfactory perception of this royal fragrance!